For Security Excellence

SIA licensed personnel with experience in all fields of security

International Security & Surveillance offers SIA licensed personnel with experience in all fields.

When Clients approach us with their requirements, we will ensure that we action them with minimum stress and disruption to the individuals we are protecting.

Residential Security

International Security & Surveillance provides a Residential Security Service to Client's homes, land, property and working environment. This acts as a barrier, preventing unwanted persons from entering and the personal belongings from being removed.


Security Services to Compliment your Systems

Residential Security does not substitute Security Systems such as burglar alarms, camera installation and other such equipment, it enhances these systems by providing operatives inside or outside the property, thus providing a visual and physical deterrent.

We can monitor visitors, vehicles and staff movements to ensure that no unauthorised persons enter the property.

International Security & Surveillance will provide peace of mind at all times, whether our Clients are at home or away.

  • Provision of close protection trained security staff
  • Comprehensive residential security surveys
  • Home, hotel and office protection packages

Security and Surveillance equipment and measures can be undertaken dependent upon a threat and risk assessment by a security consultant. All correspondence is confidential.


Whether you require our RST team on a permanent or temporary basis, our services include:

  • Around-the-clock monitoring and surveillance
  • Emergency key-holding service
  • Rapid response service
  • Permanent patrolling security team
  • Personal close protection officers
  • Covert or overt levels of security

We operate our services with the utmost discretion, so that you can go about daily life safe in the knowledge your assets are protected.