For Security Excellence

SIA licensed personnel with experience in all fields of security

International Security & Surveillance offers SIA licensed personnel with experience in all fields.

When Clients approach us with their requirements, we will ensure that we action them with minimum stress and disruption to the individuals we are protecting.


Asset Management

Having many years experience within asset protection and high value cargo transportation, allows our management team to highlight the best cost effective solution to your concerns.

Having established a solution to a potential or developing threat, our Security Services can deploy experienced security teams or close protection operatives, ensuring that your risk exposure is minimised by establishing a protective environment surrounding your security concerns.


International Security and Surveillance specialise in

  • Utilities construction & rail industry
  • Buildings and contents
  • Personal valuable goods ( Yachts , Aviation and all Vehicles)
  • Data and classified sensitive documents transportation
  • Luxury high end valued jewellery


Luxury Assets

International Security and Surveillance can provide a secure and efficient service, providing both overt and covert protection services for high-risk valuable goods at various locations or during their transportation either in the United Kingdom or Globally.

This industry sector is obviously very sensitive due to, at times, being most visible to the general public and so for this reason, it is vitally important that personnel are trained to the highest standards in awareness and observation.


Residential Security

International Security & Surveillance provides a bespoke Residential Security Service to client's homes, land, property and working environment. Our operatives can work both inside and outside providing a covert or overt presence as required.

Residential Security does not substitute Security Systems such as burglar alarms, camera installation and other such equipment, it enhances these systems by providing a visual and physical deterrent.

Both Corporate and Private Clients will benefit from the high standard International Security & Surveillance can provide and we will achieve the expected results