For Security Excellence

SIA licensed personnel with experience in all fields of security

International Security & Surveillance offers SIA licensed personnel with experience in all fields.

When Clients approach us with their requirements, we will ensure that we action them with minimum stress and disruption to the individuals we are protecting.

Event Security

International Security and Surveillance provides an Event Security Management Service that is highly professional and supported by our 24/7 operations control room.

All International Security and Surveillance clients see our intelligent approach as a unique selling point. International Security and Surveillance has the experience of working directly with PR firms and moving with them from country to country with their events. Our Event Security Services suit the following events:

  • Product Launches
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Fashion Shows
  • Film Premieres
  • Celebrity Appearances
  • Company AGM's


Unique Approach for Every Event

Each event is different and requires a unique approach. Our Management Team is experienced in risk assessments, problem solving and working within a security budget. We are highly experienced in supporting clients attending some of the most famous events.

International Security and Surveillance provide Event Security Services around the globe, specialising in Event Security in London, Paris, Cannes and Monaco.

Some locations can sometimes be a challenge but with our experience at an international level, we can offer our clients the best possible Event Security Service in any city, or remote location.

No matter the need or event, we are able to supply the right personnel and Logistical Support.


To support our Event Security

  1. Risk Assessment
  2. Command and Control
  3. Main Event Security
  4. Radio Communications
  5. Access Control
  6. Liaison with Police and Emergency Services

Our operatives are all mainly former Military and many of them are first aid trained, all are qualified to SIA standards in the UK.