For Security Excellence

SIA licensed personnel with experience in all fields of security

International Security & Surveillance offers SIA licensed personnel with experience in all fields.

When Clients approach us with their requirements, we will ensure that we action them with minimum stress and disruption to the individuals we are protecting.

Close Protection and Security

International Security and Surveillance has unrivaled experience providing security and protection to the entertainment and sports industry, as well as to business and high-wealth individuals.

We completely understand these environments and take a thorough approach to counter potential threats as well as an experienced and pragmatic approach to the other modern day situations that can be encountered.


High Level Risk Assessment

International Security & Surveillance will identify and list all potential threats and give them a comparative risk value and respond accordingly.

We understand exactly what is required, from protection of reputation and avoidance of embarrassment, to complete personal security and physical safety for our Clients, their families and their associates.


Private Aviation & Accommodation

We deliver integrated and innovative aviation solutions, we take care of all the Clients needs when travelling, tailoring every aspect of air travel to your logistical needs.

International Security and Surveillance provide a tailored discreet travel service for Clients Globally. We provide a uniquely personal approach to discussing, creating and arranging your travel schedules, flights, transport and accommodation.


Executive Chauffeuring

International Security and Surveillance provide a first class luxury chauffeur service that focuses on delivering a professional and exclusive service.

International Security and Surveillance supply armoured and all luxury vehicles to blue chip companies, private individuals and celebrities on a daily basis.

Our services extends to a days hire or a journey from one place to another covering the whole of the UK and Internationally.

Both Corporate and Private Clients will benefit from the high standard International Security & Surveillance can provide and we will achieve the expected results.