For Security Excellence

SIA licensed personnel with experience in all fields of security

International Security & Surveillance offers SIA licensed personnel with experience in all fields.

When Clients approach us with their requirements, we will ensure that we action them with minimum stress and disruption to the individuals we are protecting.

About International Security and Surveillance

International Security and Surveillance operates in the UK, Europe and Internationally, as required. We have global strategic alliances that give us the capability to deliver products and services to our clients, worldwide. All our personnel are Security Industry Authority licensed as per United Kingdom law & legislation. Our operatives derive from the UK Ex forces. 

Commitment: Crime reduction has been seen generally as a public service duty, however in recent years the private security industry has evolved to endorse some of those functions. International Security and Surveillance ensure that this is shadowed within our application of services. Highlighting any known threats within your sphere of influence, and thereby acting upon and mitigating against known threats within our routines of operations and service.
Clients can be reassured that we allocate specific individuals/teams based upon their merits, personalities and operational capabilities.

When assessing new clients security arrangements, we believe that each organisation is unique and requires a holistic approach to developing a comprehensive industry standard security survey. Each survey is specifically tailored to reflect your company needs and profile. 

Keith  (CEO) 

Keith is a former soldier with one of Britain’s Elite forces, Keith has over 36 years in the global security industry ranging from personal protection, surveillance, asset management, high value transportation, events security and residential security among others. It goes without saying that with 36 years in the Global security industry, Keith has gained a vast wealth of knowledge and experience which is implemented in the running and organisation of the company. 

Michael  (Operations and Recruitment)

Michael is a former Royal Marines Commando of 10 years, with an infectious personality and a wealth of land and maritime operational experience. Michael enjoyed a varied 10 years at sea providing security solutions to some of the world’s leading vessel operators. Michael’s valuable experience on land and at sea allowed him the opportunity to become a member of our Operations Team. Michael is the Head of Operations for the maritime division where he actively maintains client relationships through regular communications and client meeting in the UK and Europe.

Russ (Senior Investigations officer)

Russ joins International Security and Surveillance with a wealth of experience in covert surveillance, people and debtor tracing along with collection of corporate Debt. He has been a qualified private investigator on operational duties for 15 years. We at international Security and Surveillance are pleased to have him as part of our team.

John (Operations Director)

John is responsible for the operational assignments in particular close protection, high value escorts and special high profile events.  Specialising in executive protection and security operations.  He is a proven leader a decision maker of  excellent character. 

John was a former platoon commander with the Royal Military Police.  During his successful 22 years of service he completed many operational tours and is experienced in both the operational and financial aspects of security and safety management.   He is also a qualified Police search advisor and liaison officer for high risk venues and events along with planning and execution of complex V.I.P. handling and protection details.